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Android 13Android 13 is Now Available in AOSP

Android 13 is Now Available in AOSP

Google has just pushed Android 13 over to AOSP (Android Open Source Project). Which means that the update is getting ready to start heading out to Pixel devices. Google has said that the update will start rolling out today to the Pixel.

Android 13 Now Available in AOSP
Android 13 Now Available in AOSP

Google says that it will start rolling out later this year to your “favorite devices from Samsung Galaxy, Asus, HMD Global/Nokia, iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi and more. However google has already rolled out android 13 for pixel devices

This is a big deal, and actually the earliest that an Android version has rolled out in quite some time. Last year, Android 12 rolled out in October, while the previous few years it rolled out just after Labor Day. So this must mean that it’s pretty bug-free, which would be nice to see. Considering how bug-ridden the Pixel 6 series was when it launched last fall.

Android 13 Now Available in AOSP
Android 12 vs Android 13

What does this mean for users?

Google pushing Android 13 over to AOSP means basically nothing to most people. It basically signifies that Android 13 is complete, and those that do not use Google services can download and use the new code in Android 13. Like Amazon for example, which uses Android for its Fire Tablets, but it’s very much not the same Android that’s on your Pixel or Galaxy device.

Android 13 Now Available in AOSP
Android 13 features

This is because Android is open-source and free for anyone to use. Those that are using Google services, and have been certified for Google Mobile Services (GMS) get this code earlier, and have been involved in the beta process (a number of non-Pixel devices had beta versions of Android 13 available). That’s one of the major advantages to having GMS included on your devices.

So for consumers, this doesn’t mean much, other than the fact that Android 13 is complete and will start rolling out very soon. Likely within a few hours for Pixel devices.

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