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Google PixelYour Google Pixel is now able to suggest chats , and then...

Your Google Pixel is now able to suggest chats , and then directly send screenshots

Android has increasingly offered contextual suggestions across the OS in the past few years.

Pixel phones recently gained the capability to suggest to whom screenshots of chats should be sent.

Android 11 introduced an updated preview of screenshots on the lower-left side of the screen.

Last year’s update included the “Capture more” button alongside editing and sharing (using the markup tool).

A new button for a recent conversation that Android recognizes on an OS level (e.g. Conversation widget) is located on the bottom of the tray (some scrolling is required).

It displays the avatar/image used in its app (in addition to badgering from it) and the name. By tapping, you can paste the picture you took into that program’s text box.

In the two instances we’ve dealt with, Android will offer the screenshot suggestion if you’ve had an upcoming – but not active – notification in that app. The request might not come as the result of your latest conversation, but it’s an everyday one.

We’re pleased to announce that our Pixel smartphones (running Android 12) started suggesting chats to forward screenshots to in the wake of the most recent Android System Intelligence update (version S.25) that was widely released earlier this week. Theoretically, this feature may be accessible for all Android 12 devices.

Apart At a glance, in addition to Live Caption, ASI has been entrusted with similar features such as:

  • The Smart Actions in Notifications includes action buttons in notifications that allow you to see directions to an area, track a package, make a call, and more.
  • Brilliant Text Selection across the system makes it easier to choose and act upon the text. For example, you can long-click on an address to select it and then tap to view its directions.
  • Linking text in applications.

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