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TechOneplus Nord Buds true Bluetooth wireless earbuds that last for 30 hours...

Oneplus Nord Buds true Bluetooth wireless earbuds that last for 30 hours with a battery

OnePlus is ready to launch a fresh pair of TWS Earphones in India in the coming month. The company has confirmed that it will introduce its Oneplus Nord Buds CE, its latest model Nord Buds CE on August 1 in India. Here’s a look at the probable specifications, prices in India, and much more.

OnePlus Nord Buds CE Expected Pricing

OnePlus new earbuds are also scheduled to be available on Amazon, as well as the OnePlus India store and OnePlus stores that are not online. The teaser available on the OnePlus website includes an option to notify me. According to the company, the earbuds are priced between Rs 299 to 2999 in India.

In case you don’t remember that the company introduced Nord Buds in the country in April of this year.

It is anticipated that the Nord Buds CE to be priced between Rs. 2,099 to $2,499 since they are already selling for Rs 2,599. Nord Buds is selling for the price of Rs 2,599. OnePlus has stated that these new headphones were expected to be basic TWS Earphones.

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Oneplus Nord Buds


OnePlus has teased the release of the upcoming TWS earbuds with the tagline “Let the beat drop.” The company claims they believe that Nord Buds CE is expected to strengthen Nord’s position in the lower-end TWS segment and aims to make the outstanding OnePlus audio experience and technology much more affordable to a larger selection of audiophiles throughout the nation.

The teaser for the design teaser reveals how the Nord Buds CE will lack the ear tips made of silicone and will have an in-ear design that is half-in-ear as opposed to the in-ear design on the Nord Buds. OnePlus also revealed that the device would have 13.4mm, active drivers.

Oneplus Nord Buds

The teaser also shows it will come with an earbud-shaped pebble casing that will also be used to charge and hold the earbuds. They’ll be extremely light and have a weight of less than 10 grams.

The earbuds will be equipped with Bluetooth version 5.2 to allow connectivity. Other features include an equalizer for the sound master, fast charging support, and much more.
OnePlus has stated that it will unveil more options in the coming days before the launch date of August 1.

This article will be updated when additional details are announced.

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