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MicrosoftControversy surrounds DuckDuckGo's supposed deal with Microsoft

Controversy surrounds DuckDuckGo’s supposed deal with Microsoft

Questions arise over DuckDuckGo's partnership with Microsoft, as privacy advocates express concern

The privacy-focused browser Brave has criticized rival DuckDuckGo over its relationship with Microsoft and its handling of online tracking.

According to security researcher Zach Edwards, the DuckDuckGo mobile browser allows Microsoft’s trackers to function while blocking those of Google and Facebook. The trackers in question were found to be linked to or domains.

DuckDuckGo’s Past Statements

In the past, DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg stated that the company blocks most third-party trackers but cannot do more to stop Microsoft-owned properties due to a search syndication agreement.

Brave CEO Disputes DuckDuckGo’s Claims

However, Brave CEO Brendan Eich has disputed this claim, stating that DuckDuckGo also allows Microsoft trackers to circumvent cookie blocking through appended URL parameters. Eich said that DuckDuckGo removes Google’s ‘gclid’ and Facebook’s ‘fbclid’ from URLs but does not apply the same protections to Microsoft’s ‘msclkid’ parameter.

DuckDuckGo Denies Allegations

DuckDuckGo has denied these allegations, stating that Eich’s claims are misleading and that a non-profiling agreement with Microsoft protects the company’s ad clicks. The company also indicated that its advertisements are confidential and that there is nothing new in this, as everything has been previously disclosed.


This controversy raises important questions about the role of privacy-focused browsers in protecting user data and the potential conflicts of interest arising from partnerships with major tech companies. It also highlights the ongoing debate around online tracking and third-party cookies, a major concern for privacy advocates.

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