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Graphic CardsThe Nvidia RTX 4060 is expected to launch in the month of...

The Nvidia RTX 4060 is expected to launch in the month of January 2023

The Nvidia RTX 4060 graphics card is expected to significantly increase power consumption compared to newer graphics cards made by Team Green. According to recent reports, it will use more power over the RTX 3070. There’s also release date, and the card is expected to arrive around the turn of 2023 (more on this in the coming days).

As Kopite7kimi is one of the most frequent leakers of hardware on Twitter, the first thing to do is that the RTX 4060 could demand more power than the RTX 3070, which is listed at 220W.

I don’t care about the real release date. I’m just curious about the performance of RTX 4060, which consumes more power than RTX 3070.

— kopite7kimi (@kopite7kimi) June 5, 2022

Based on that, we could theoretically anticipate the power usage of RTX 4060 to exceed 220W (or maybe at that amount). If the RTX 2060 could draw 160W while the 3060 needed 170W, it’s an improvement towards 220W or more.

VideoCardz (opens within a new browser) spotted the tweet mentioned above. It also provided new information about the timeframe for the release of the Nvidia RTX 4000 (Lovelace) GPUs, and, for the very first time, we’ve got an official release date for RTX 4060 2023 January (in the sense of a CES launch date – the GPU will be unveiled at the event, and will go for sale at the close this month).

According to Wccftech’s (opens in a new tab) sources, an article that claims RTX 4090 might launch in October, then followed by the RTX 4080 in November, and it will be followed by the RTX 4070 in December 2022 in a new tab, with then the RTX 4060 following that.

Analysis: With great power comes excellent performance?

It’s worth noting that 50W or more in power consumption between an older version of the RTX 3060 and the new 4060 model is significant.

Still, that amount of power consumption isn’t uncommon, as Nvidia increased power consumption by up to 40% when their 2060 was released. Furthermore, considering all we’ve heard concerning the RTX 4000 series being power-hungry (though the expectations have shifted recently at least a bit on this aspect), and even more, a significant boost in power consumption for the 4060 doesn’t an all-out surprise.

Nvidia increasing power consumption using its RTX 4060 also potentially points towards an impressive performance boost compared to the RTX 30, which you could look forward to with the mid-range Lovelace.

Regarding dates of release, given that we haven’t heard any reports regarding any rumors about the RTX 4060, a CES announcement is logical.

The start date of October for a launch date for the RTX 4090 seems plausible. However, the most recent timeframe suggested by the internet suggests that Nvidia is planning to launch in August for its Lovelace flagship (with an additional 4080 model and the 4070 due in September and October, respectively).

While the initial August on-sale time for the RTX 4090 does seem early, it feels a bit tardy compared to other rumors that have been circulated in recent days, and September may be an appropriate time frame for the time Nvidia launches with Lovelace.

However, it is essential to take this all with a pinch of salt, and even if Nvidia plans to start the RTX 4090 rolling by August, this plan could be subject to slippage. No matter what, it’s clear that the rumor mill firmly believes it’ll be the RTX4090 initially launched, then the 4080 and the 4070, and then we’ll probably not see the 4060 until the beginning of 2023.

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