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AppleiOS 16 here are a list of the latest rumored features you...

iOS 16 here are a list of the latest rumored features you can expect for your iPhone

If you’re hoping to see significant changes in iOS 16 — Apple’s upcoming release of the software version for iPhones, The rumors regarding Apple’s WWDC 2022 plans suggest that you might be in good company.

There’s no doubt that we’ll see an initial look at iOS 16, the next major upgrade to the software for iPhone that’s due later in the year. The new update is expected to be more than some minor adjustments here and there– Apple analysts are anticipating important modifications for the iOS software that will encompass all kinds of improvements to existing features to the introduction of new applications and capabilities in all.

iOS 16 is expected to look similar to iOS 15 as the rumors before the WWDC 2022 presentation. However, some major changes might be coming to your iPhone in the fall, when the official version of iOS 16 is expected to be launched.

We’ll have all the latest iOS 16 features by the close of the WWDC 2022 event, which begins around 1.30 p.m. ET/10 a.m. in PT on June 6. Here’s how to stream the WWDC 2022 live stream. Now, let’s focus on the anticipated iOS 16 features.

iOS 16 lock screen changes

The iPhone lock screen is pretty simple, showing only the date and time and any notifications that are displayed. You can alter your lock screen wallpaper by choosing one of Apple provided options or choosing any of your pictures. Then, that’s it.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman expects that to be changed when you upgrade to iOS 16 and reports that iOS 16’s lock screen has new wallpapers with widget-like features.

iPhone 11 Pro Max lock screen
Pretty drab lock screen you’ve got there, Apple (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

A couple of years ago, Apple introduced the capability to add widgets to the iPhone’s home screen, which provided quick and easy information on the current weather conditions, scheduled appointments, control for music playback, and much more. Most likely, the lock screen widgets could provide similar functionality, removing users from the need to unlock their iPhones to access relevant information.

The lock screen changes that are being rumored could set the stage for Apple to include support for an on-all-the-time display that Android phones have been offering for a long time. iPhone 14 rumors suggest that Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro phones will always feature displays when launched in the autumn. Apple may confirm this capability during WWDC 2022 as it previews iOS 16. Still, more likely, it isn’t going to announce anything regarding iOS 16 features related to the newly released iPhones until it’s time to reveal the new phones.

iOS 16 notification enhancements

Fine-tuning notifications are the norm, thanks to the latest iOS updates. iOS 12. divided notifications into apps and let you choose to block certain annoying apps. iOS 14 decreased the size of the notifications window for Siri and incoming phone calls, and iOS 15 collected notifications into a two-day summary, which prevents you from being bombarded with notifications.

ios 15 features notifications summary
Apple may be ready to build on last year’s notifications summary (Image credit: Apple)
iOS 16 rumors suggest that Apple hasn’t stopped changing how you handle notifications. So what’s still to be changed following the previous overhauls? There’s plenty of it if you ask my friend Jordan Palmer, who would like to have more options for actions associated with the notifications available on iOS 16, including deletion of emails, marking items as read, and other such activities. Apple might also make improvements to the way that notifications are grouped and the way you clear the notifications. These are all good improvements for me.

We don’t know what Apple is planning until iOS 16’s turn on the Monday WWDC keynote. Notifications are definitely in Apple’s head in this new edition of iPhone software.

iOS 16 health tracking capabilities

Apple likes to dedicate a large portion of its keynotes and product launch to describing how its devices monitor your health. It’s not a stretch to imagine it happening again in WWDC 2022, especially concerning iOS 16. The Gurman anticipates adding a variety of enhancements to iOS 16’s Health app, which is expected to work with similar capabilities to the Apple Watch. Apple Watch.

iOS 15 health app
Rumors suggest the Health app could get  boost in iOS 16 (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)
Alongside iOS 16 and 16, Apple is expected to show off watches 9 during WWDC, which means we’re sure to discover various ways that your smartphone and smartwatch will collaborate to monitor fitness and health statistics and possibly warn you of warning signs that you may be able to consult a physician regarding.

iOS 16 Messages update

Health isn’t the only app expected to get a new look. It’s also believed that Messages will bring new features that shouldn’t come as a shock, given that it’s one of the most popular built-in apps on the iPhone. Previous iOS upgrades have shown a lot of time and attention to messages. So it’s unlikely iOS 16 is going to leave it out.

Gurman said that Messages might provide audio messaging capabilities and mirroring features available on other social network apps. It is possible to create audio messages within Messages and forward recipients with this version of iOS, and possibly, this feature will get enhanced capabilities with this update. iOS 16 update.

iOS 16 AR/VR capabilities

It’s not a fact that Apple is intrigued by mixed reality. According to reports, creating an Apple AR/VR headset (for 2023) and the truth running within the gadget is to the point.

apple vr and mixed reality headset fan render front view on blue background
(Image credit: Ian Zelbo)

According to reports, we will not be able to see an Apple headset in the coming WWDC; however, we may be informed about Apple’s plans to bring more AR-friendly apps available by giving iPhone app developers an updated version ARKit. This is the tool developers have to use to incorporate AR features into their applications.

iOS 16 new apps

A prior report about iOS 16 had Gurman saying that “fresh Apple apps” are being released for iOS 16. There have been no further hints on what those apps might be. However, I was pleased to suggest some new iOS 16 apps suggestions like a separate application for managing subscriptions and an app for organizing recipes.

We’re indeed unlikely to learn about any new apps before WWDC as the full specifics of the apps Apple plans to unveil following its iOS 16 preview during the developer conference. Luckily, we don’t need to wait too long.

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