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PC GUIDESMore than 30TB of hard drives are faster than initially thought.

More than 30TB of hard drives are faster than initially thought.

Inside HDD drives is a platter that stores all your data; they are all manufactured by a single company in Japan called Showa Denko which has announced (opens in the brand new window) that it expects to “realize near-line HDD having a storage capacity of more than 30TB” in 2023.

To make this statement, we’d anticipate that the platters would have an internal capacity of more than 3TB in 2023 for companies such as Toshiba, Seagate and Western Digital. They will manufacture the drive with an emphasis on hyperscalers and Datacenter managers.

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It is possible that some HTML0 files can be employed in NAS and 3.5-inch external HDDs. However, this isn’t the main consumer market for them, as the performance is likely to be optimized to work in close-to-line environments.

Race to 30TB

Showa Denko has now begun delivering the platters used to make the brand new 26TB Ultrastar DC HC670 UltraSMR hard disk drives that were made available from Western Digital only a few days in the past.

The 2.6TB platter – which uses energy-assisted storage of magnetic data and shatterproof magnetic recording – is an important milestone when it can reach one-third of the density that is symbolic for 1TB/in2.

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The announcement of Showa Denko is unanticipated because Toshiba has recently announced that 30TB drives (rather than larger capacities) aren’t expected in 2024. The 30TB model will comprise 11 platters, each with a 2.73TB capacity, which is a little bigger than the 2.6TB capacity currently in the works.

Based on the evidence, the 26TB HDDs are currently being released at the beginning of 2022. Depending on market conditions, there is a small chance of 30TB drives before the end of the calendar period (as the saying goes).

20TB storage drives were the storage market’s previous “big target”, with plans to launch hard disk drives that were this size first dating back to 2017. In the beginning, Seagate announced that they’d be launching one in 2019, but we were then forced to wait until the following year to find out the exact date for release in mass production. Production will begin in 2021.

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Seagate has been quiet about its 30TB plans until September 2021, but we know they will build it using its HAMR technology. It is different from EAMR in that it uses heat to boost the amount of data that can write.

The company also plans to set the goal of launching a 50TB HDD in 2025. In the meantime, keep an eye on this site.


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