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GoogleNow Google application allows users to clear space on the Xiaomi in...

Now Google application allows users to clear space on the Xiaomi in seconds.

Managing storage can be a complex process. Photos become duplicated, app data takes up lots of space, and it’s a fact that your “Other” folder keeps filling with files that we’re not in charge of. Because of the small memory available, Google offers you a helpful app that allows you to eliminate the space inside your Xiaomi within a couple of minutes.

The application is referred to in the form of Google Files, and it’s an excellent option for searching for large files and rapidly getting rid of duplicate files. The best aspect of? It’s free, and with just some simple steps, you’ll be able clear all of the memory of the Xiaomi.

How do you free up space using Google Files?

The first thing you need to take to start liberating the space available in Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO is downloading the Google Files app from the Google Play Store. The next step is to grant read access to the app to analyze, identify and categorize the different data types.

When the analysis is finished After the investigation has been completed, the study is conducted, and it will give you suggestions for what to delete. Google Files app gives you tips for content that can be removed and clear all the storage of the Xiaomi. You can clear entire folders of unnecessary downloads, files like screenshots, videos and photos from WhatsApp and other apps.

The application lets users choose the documents to remove by hand or transfer all those files to SD storage.

Google Files features a highly intuitive interface for users. The top of the page is to view the external and internal storage devices. The program will show the components that take the most space within the unit when you click on one.
But at the bottom of the page, you’ll find three icons: Delete Explore and Share.

But at the bottom of the page, you’ll find three icons: Delete Explore and Share.

  • The delete option is similar to the main menu of Google Files. It offers many choices for deleting content.
  •  Explore The Discover Explore page will allow you to browse the various categories and the latest items downloaded or downloaded off the gadget you’re working with.
  • Sharing Make use of Nearby technology to quickly and easily send and receive data between users who use Google Files on their devices.

The app also integrates with Google Photos, which allows you to eliminate all the photos and videos stored in Google Photos. Google cloud. It is easy to eliminate duplicates of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.

Clearing up space on your phone does not need to be a daunting task that only the most powerful can handle. Some numerous methods and applications remove all documents you don’t want to look at. For instance, you can utilize the WhatsApp cleaner for your Xiaomi or perform a thorough cleaning process without installing any software.

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