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How do I Edit the Cursor of My Mouse into the Dark Mode

Find out how to edit the mouse Cursor to Dark Mode on Windows 11 PC

Microsoft’s Windows operating system is now able to support dark mode. This is handy during nighttime when you don’t want to put too bright a screen. In addition to changing the theme for the system, Microsoft also permits users to modify specific items on their devices. One of these is the mouse cursor. If you don’t want a system-wide dark mode but would like to change the colour of your mouse from black to white so that it is easier to read it, you can do so.

Windows 11 offers several ways to personalize your mouse, with the option to change the colour of your mouse to whatever you want. This could help you view the mouse better or give a distinct design to the look of your Windows PC. If you’re planning to change your Windows, you might experience a black screen that reflects the mouse’s pointer in installing software if you do not uninstall specific programs before doing so.

It could happen when your firewall or antivirus hinders the installation. Try temporarily turning it off to determine if this resolves the issue. This will also help you change how your cursor appears.

How do you change your mouse cursor to dark mode on Windows 11 PC

Make use of the Settings app.

  • Use the Windows key + I key to open Settings. Settings app.
  • Click on the Accessibility settings button in the left-hand panel.
  • Choose from the Mouse Pointer option and tap on the Vision section.
  • After that, click on the black cursor style from the mouse style. Your cursor will turn black.

Make use of mouse properties.

  • Hit the Search icon, type in Mouse Settings, and then enter.
  • Choose Additional Mouse Settings under the related settings section.
  • Select the Pointers tab within Mouse Properties.
  • Then, select the Scheme dropdown menu and choose Windows Black (system scheme).
  • Click Apply, then click Yes to save the modifications.

The final words How to Edit the mouse cursor into dark Mode on Windows 11 PC

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