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Google PixelPixel 6a Leaks out Just Minutes Before Google I/O 2022, Showing Similar...

Pixel 6a Leaks out Just Minutes Before Google I/O 2022, Showing Similar Design to Pixel 6

The device will act as the successor to Pixel 5a. There are a lot of similarities between this device and the Pixel 6, so let us take a look at those features.

Pixel 6a Rumored to Ship With Same Custom Tensor Chip as Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, And Other Notable Upgrades Compared to Pixel 5a.

At 11:11, reliable leaker Evan Blass gave his audience an initial glimpse of the Pixel 6a smartphone, the latest addition to the Google mid-range range. Because the tech giant plans to price the phone at a competitive rate, it will probably go out of production soon after the Pixel 6a’s officially unveiled. It’s not the first time we have had an early glimpse at the budget-friendly phone.

In the past, leaked renders showed Google’s Pixel 6a would have a similar design as the Pixel 6, bearing the identical visor for the dual rear camera and an aperture cutout for the camera on the front. A leaked benchmark comparison revealed that the mid-ranger has the similar hardware as the higher-end Pixel 6, but to reduce costs, Google will probably lessen the RAM capacity to 6GB instead, instead of 8GB; however, that doesn’t mean that the other specs are less impressive considering the cost.

google pixel 6a

According to a previously reported specification rumor, the Pixel 6a will sport the 6.2-inch Full HD+ display; however, a high-refresh rate display was not specified. The 4800mAh battery is anticipated to be located under the hood and has 128GB of internal storage. Don’t expect this model to boast the same camera features as the high-end Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro; however, the Tensor chip will improve the quality of the video and image.
The price expected for the Pixel 6a could be similar to the Pixel 5a; however, having only a few seconds to wait for Google I/O 2022 to start and we’ll know shortly.

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