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AppleApple is prompting preorder customers to get ready for their new iPhone...

Apple is prompting preorder customers to get ready for their new iPhone 13

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What  you need to  be aware of ?

  • Apple has been encouraging those placing an order to make plans for an iPhone 13.
  • The company will ask clients to get their phones configured via Settings. Settings App.
  • Following the instructions allows you to backup to iCloud, verify trade-in-in-eligibility, etc.

Apple has been so excited that you’re iPhone 13 is coming that it wants you to prepare for it in advance by the time.
As reported in MacRumors, Apple has started informing iPhone 13 customers who have pre-ordered the iPhone to “Get prepared for the new iPhone” in the uppermost section of the Settings app on the current iPhone.

The prompt will open a new screen, instructing you to determine if you can upgrade your current iPhone to an iPhone 13 with no data loss. The screen will lead you to backup your existing iPhone to iCloud and then calculate what the value of trading in the current iPhone can be valued at.

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Following the steps, Apple will back up your phone to iCloud. The app will also ask you to either recycle or swap your phone. It will then inform you that you can utilize your old phone to swiftly and efficiently adapt to your iPhone 13 when it arrives on Friday.

Apple may be releasing the message with a series of waves. I’ve already pre-ordered an iPhone 13 mini, but when I went to the Settings app for the iPhone 12 Pro, I didn’t see the message to prepare to receive my brand-new iPhone. It’s an exclusive message accessible only to iPhone 13 customers have seen; however, Apple is expected to release it to all iPhone customers once they purchase an upgrade for their device. It’s simply too helpful not to.

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The iPhone 13 will officially launch in stores and via the internet on September 24, the day after Thursday. Alongside the new and improved iPhone, Apple unveils the updated 6-generation iPad mini and an upgraded 9th-generation iPad.

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