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APPLE PRODUCTSTile has added anti-stalking tools to its trackers, however it's not AirTags-like.

Tile has added anti-stalking tools to its trackers, however it’s not AirTags-like.

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Tile responds against the measures to stop stalking Apple has implemented through its AirTags with an exciting new feature known as Scan and Secure. It allows you to utilize your phone to locate and locate trackers that are not Tile-based that may be in the vicinity. But it doesn’t function as you would like it.

Apple’s anti-stalking system using AirTags is easy but sophisticated. AirTags emit an alarm sound when they’re not with their owner for an extended amount of time, and you can scan for the exact location of the unidentified AirTags with the Find My app. Find My app. In Tile’s Scan and Secure, you’ll only be able to scan with the option, which is not as exact.

According to Tile, it is necessary to get quite far from your current location to use the feature with precision. This way, the scanner will be able to identify any trackers moving along alongside you. The entire scan should take around 10 minutes, per the firm. And it is recommended not to use it in crowded places, like public transportation where a variety of Tile trackers that aren’t identified could be found.

Even if you use this feature, it will get a rough notion of where the tracker is. Apple allows you to locate an AirTag to the very one-inch mark thanks to incorporating the ultra-wideband tech (or UWB). Tile doesn’t have that option, and it’s going to be challenging to locate an obscure tracker when it is displayed within the application.

It’s nevertheless pleasing to see Tile introduce this feature to its application. Airbags aren’t doing anything but signal alarms to security experts concerned that incorrect people could use these Apple accessories for something more than simply keeping an eye on their backpacks or keys. We hope that, in time, Tile improves its anti-stalking measures to be a bit more similar to what Apple provides.

Scan Secure and Secure is available now to all users of both iOS and Android.

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