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Smart WatchesThis APPLE Watch Bands feature saves a man's life Here's how.

This APPLE Watch Bands feature saves a man’s life Here’s how.

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Apple watch

New Delhi: The ECG function has proved to be more of an Apple Watch Bands application. The 34-year-old Haryana resident can talk to that feature when an abnormal cardiac beat (Afib) signal from his device led him to seek a hospital and ultimately save his life.

Nitesh Chopra was experiencing discomfort in his chest on the 12th of March. While observing his ECG through the Apple Watch Bands, the device warned him.

Chopra, along with his wife Neha, was then taken to the hospital, after which a doctor’s reading confirmed the reading of the Apple Watch.

Medical professionals were on the scene and conducted an emergency angiography on the same day. The test confirmed that Chopra’s primary coronary artery was completely blocked and could cause cardiac arrest.

The patient was treated and was a lifesaver for him.

“We dismissed the readings because we thought a young man in his early 30s couldn’t have such arrhythmia.” However, our latest reading on March 12was in line with earlier lessons, leading us to believe there was something wrong regarding my heart health and that we had to go to the hospital immediately,” Nitesh explained.

In a letter addressed to Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, Neha stated, “we only arrived at the hospital because of the technology given by you, and my husband is now good and healthy.” I would like to wish you the best happiness and love everywhere and am grateful to you for giving my husband the life he deserves.”

Tim replied to Neha’s email, “I’m delighted you got medical attention and received the care you required.” Thank you for sharing your story. Have a great day. I appreciate your support, Tim.”

Here’s how to use the ECG app on Apple Watch Bands

The ECG application available for Apple Watch Bands Series 4, 5, Series 5 5, Series 6 and 7 can record your heartbeat and rhythm with the electronic heart sensor. Afterwards, you can check the recorded for the presence of atrial fibrillation (AFib), an indication of irregular rhythm.

The ECG app records an electrocardiogram, a visual depiction of electrical signals that cause your heart to beat. The ECG app utilizes these pulses to determine your heart rate and identify whether your lower and upper chambers are in tune. If they’re out of rhythm, they could be suffering from AFib.

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