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TechTesting Time for Xiaomi Robotic vacuum cleaner 2 Pro

Testing Time for Xiaomi Robotic vacuum cleaner 2 Pro

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Xiaomi Robotic vacuum cleaner


The test was conducted using HTML0. The carpet was in a steady mode and could absorb only 24 per cent of the Tetritus within 4 hours. When you enable the turbo mode, the device performs slower, as it glides over the carpet and absorbs only 20% of the debris in only 3 minutes, 55 secs. Comparatively, the Ecovacs Deebot T9+ within the same test area covered 84% of the removed junk.

On hard surfaces contrary, it is claimed that, on the contrary, Xiaomi Robot absorbs 90 per cent of the waste it encounters in normal mode and 97% Turbo in three minutes and forty-five seconds, and the results are identical to the results of a carpet. It can recuperate the entire object in only 5 minutes and 22 seconds in standard mode and 94 per cent of Tetritus in just 3 hours in turbo mode.

Laundry capacity

We don’t conduct tests on each robotic vacuum cleaner with wipers that can be employed to wash. But, the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro is equipped with a vibrating acoustic technology similar to the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, which requires better cleaning of stains and dirt on floors.

To find out if this task of wiping the floor was practical, We decided to duplicate the method used by robots to sweep floors. This is evident that this isn’t what happens.

We apply soda, oil lipstick, carbon black at the lab’s location and allow the stains to dry throughout the night.

The following day, we set up our automated cleaning system by employing an application running on our laptop. The plan was required to move across the dirt on the ground, but they could not disappear. It was observed that only a small quantity of black carbon had disappeared throughout three attempts, but the swab drew white lines that ran across the floors. The lipstick drop could travel through the machine’s various passageways, and the grease stain only disappeared.


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