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PC GUIDESWhen I receive a PC Game Pass, I'll probably never purchase an...

When I receive a PC Game Pass, I’ll probably never purchase an Xbox ever again.

Microsoft is aware of exactly what it’s doing.

Microsoft has significantly increased its gaming capabilities over the past few years. It has gone from being the only company that could not release Halo 5 for the mediocre Xbox One to being the most successful in the launch of Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and a variety of excellent games available on Game Pass and PC day one. In addition, it has proved that it’s an expert in gaming, in the sense that it’s attempted to prevent me from ever playing on Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series X or an Xbox console overall. Unfortunately, it’s succeeded, and I’ve not bought an Xbox from the very beginning of 360, and I’m certain that If Microsoft continues to let it fail as it is now it is, I’ll never have to.

In between Game Pass, the Xbox brand’s recent excitement with gaming PCs, and its enormous investment in giants like Activision Blizzard, It is well aware of ways to reach gamers wherever you are. If that means never purchasing another console, that’s fine. It. The removal of the console for Xbox can be Windows’ benefit.

A golden era for Xbox

A golden era for Xbox
Source: Windows Central

There was a period when having an Xbox was a reasonable price to play games. This was the age of 360. The games were incredibly innovative, engaging, thrilling, and well worth the costs at the console tier, but they were not capable of enjoying Steam sales or huge discounts. However, there were many games to choose from, including Vanquish Bayonetta, Dishonored, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Also, it was the first time that we could play games using Kinect, widely referred to as an unpromising yet truly amazing invention developed by the same group who invented the HoloLens.

Many of these amazing games were console-only or designed specifically to be played on consoles. Microsoft’s motion sensor was an essential game-changer, giving gamers the incentive to purchase Xbox hardware instead of gaming PCs. Except for the ridiculous 60-year-old internet-based payment limit Microsoft introduced through Xbox Live Gold in the year 2000, the total value of Xbox is impressive when compared with PC’s capabilities in the past.

It is also the age of copper of Xbox.

Platinum Xbox time period Xbox
Source: Windows Central

It’s the ideal time. Every major Xbox Exclusive is accessible on PC or Mac. Game Pass provides unbeatable value, making it more feasible to justify not purchasing Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X to people who already have PCs. Of course, you can claim it costs lower. Still, when you consider the cost that comes with Ultimate platinum or Ultimate subscription, as well as the expensive console games, You’ll lose value even if you’re not a dedicated player who games on Game Pass.

It’s a fact that the company Microsoft is very conscious of that. Microsoft is aware that Xboxes don’t make a good marketing tool on their own. They’re simply an option for the most popular Game Pass games and the entire Xbox ecosystem. This is why PC gamers are considered to be top-of-the-line. This is why we’re now in the Xbox, and it’s the best console available and is equipped with the same advantages that consoles enjoy.

Microsoft will not allow me to stay inside its PC enclosure even though it knows that it hasn’t convinced me to switch to the real Xbox or any other way. This means that it could earn some cash from me but never pay me any money. This is except for the portion in which I purchase Game Pass exclusively through Microsoft Rewards and don’t spend a dime.


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