Thursday, August 11, 2022

2021’s best RPG improves a key feature alongside fixing ‘wonky barber jobs’

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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2021s best RPG improves a key feature alongside fixing wonky

Wildermyth was one of last year’s most welcome surprises, a tactical RPG that interwove crafted and procedural narrative to at times incredible effect (opens in new tab). It’s a wonderful story generator, basically, and it scooped up our RPG of the year award (opens in new tab) for getting as close to the feel of a tabletop RPG as games have managed to get.

The game has received a new patch, named in Wildermyth style as the Mara Mallard patch (opens in new tab), and a roadmap (opens in new tab) to go alongside it. The latter is not as exciting as it sounds (if in fact you find the idea of roadmaps exciting), with the developers mainly talking about how 2022 will eventually see DLC, more events, and things like a soundtrack release. It also says that, as long as there’s the demand, they’ll do more merch and possibly DLC in 2023.

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