Microsoft has announced an updated accessory to its Surface Hub 2S, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, and the device is expected to retail at $799.
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Microsoft has recently released its Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, which boasts impressive capabilities and features. It is the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera isn’t just an everyday webcam, and it isn’t inexpensively – it retails at just $800. Microsoft claims that the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera is designed to be the most professional camera with AI technology on the market.

Surface Hub 2 Surface Hub 2 is a 12MP camera with 130 degrees of field view. It can focus on distant and new objects as long as 8 meters. It is interesting to note that the camera can simultaneously concentrate on several areas and automatically detect any speaker within a room. Its Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera can provide up to 1 Teraflop of computing power. It utilizes the same processor used in the one used in Surface Pro 6. Surface Pro 6.

microsoft surface hub

The Surface Hub 2 is a high-quality AI system. Surface Hub 2 can compensate for the tilt, wide-angle corrections, and distortions. It also recognizes users with different poses, lighting conditions, and different types of rooms. Surface Hub 2 is designed to capture different lighting, postures, and room types. Surface Hub 2 is meant to capture the activity of a conference room with several people present, as opposed to the standard webcam, which focuses on one individual. It’s designed to concentrate on a set of people in a space with the same quality of concentration.

The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera has a 12-millimeter sensor. It also has AI, which can recognize individuals, lighting conditions, and more.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Here are a few characteristics:

  • A 12-megapixel sensor with a stunning field of view lens that is 136 degrees can keep the surroundings close (.4m) and far (8m) simultaneously in clear focus across a range of sizes and configurations conference rooms.
  • 1 Teraflop of computing capacity (a trillion calculations in floating points per second)
  • We designed a new algorithm to automatically correct for distortions, tilt, and wide-angle corrections so that objects appear precisely as they would in the real world.
  • AI that recognizes people in various poses, lighting conditions, and spaces, making sure that each participant is apparent


The Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera has been put on sale for $799.99 up to May 31, the day it will be available along with the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S. It is worth noting that the Surface Hub 2S comes with the latest Microsoft features, including Windows 11, Teams, Microsoft 365, and more. Other features Microsoft is working on integrating, such as the ability to virtually present PowerPoint. PowerPoint.