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12 Amazon buying techniques that every Prime member needs to be aware of

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Amazon is an online retailer that caters to my wants and needs in various ways. Whether I’m in search of AirPods as well as shower curtain curtains, an enormous retailer has everything. However, like similar retailers, Amazon doesn’t have all the power to offer the best prices. There are a lot of unique Amazon bargains to be found – and the first Prime Day deals of the year are expected to be available shortly. However, most of the time, I purchase at Amazon to cut down on time. This is particularly true since it is an Amazon Prime membership.

In the last few years, I’ve discovered various tricks and techniques to ensure I get the best price on Amazon. Some of these suggestions could be ones you’re familiar with, while others are more obscure. This is why I’m sharing all my Amazon tips to help you make intelligent purchases and ensure you always get the best Amazon bargain possible. (Make sure you follow our guide on the most valuable Amazon Prime member benefits).

Always keep an eye out for digital coupon codes.

Amazon Coupon
(Image credit: Amazon)

One of the best methods to save money on Amazon is the simplest. Amazon tends to provide coupons that are digital for a variety of items. Sometimes, coupon codes are automatically applied. You’ll have to select the coupon box to receive discounts manually. The advantage is that it’s challenging to miss coupons on the internet. You’ll find tiny radio boxes below the Amazon price if they’re in stock on the internet. Click on the box for the coupon to be applied. The discount will be automatically added at the time of purchase. This is a straightforward method, but it’s hard to overlook.

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Find out how to contact support for customers.

A few weeks ago, I bought N95 masks on Amazon. When they arrived, the box that contained the covers was ripped into pieces and looked as if it was taped. (The packaging on the outside was okay). Every mask came wrapped in a separate package, and I didn’t need to worry about the box getting damaged. The shows were tiny. What I thought was adult-sized was more like a child’s size. There were some reviews on the masks. Some users complained that the shows were not comfortable.

Then I called Amazon support to notify them that the package of the masks was damaged, and the shows weren’t large enough for an adult. I was courteous throughout the whole exchange process, and Amazon offered a refund for the purchase. If you purchase something from Amazon that doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s possible to contact Amazon to ask for an exchange or a reimbursement. The mileage could vary if you’re patient and don’t set any expectations, and you’re likely to be amazed by the outcome.

Earn money through Amazon freebies

Amazon is well-known for its offers. From Kindle ebooks to cloud storage, various Amazon freebies are accessible only to Prime customers. Prime membership is free. Prime membership itself is free (for 30 days or more). The problem is that Amazon can’t offer a complete list of freebies. My favorites include:

  • A free option for reading: Prime members get access to over 1,000 magazines, comics, books, and other content through Prime Reading. The most significant part is you do not have to have a Kindle to access the titles you’d like at no cost. The Kindle app lets you transform every android-powered gadget into your most popular method of reading.
  • Films streaming for free: I’ll admit, I’m inclined to use Netflix instead of Prime Video; however, as a Prime member, I’m granted access to a vast range of movies and television programs on Prime Video. Do you not know where to begin? Make sure you browse our collection of the top-rated films made available through Amazon Prime Video.
  • Music streaming for free: Amazon Music Prime offers Prime users access to 2 million songs. I’m a music lover, and I’m here to let you know that you may be unable to access the most up-to-date tracks or the best artist. Sam Fender’s excellent Seventeen Going Under, for instance, is a must for music Unlimited; however, The Weeknd’s new Dawn FM album is available to stream for free to Prime subscribers.
  • Prime’s free photo storage members can enjoy unlimited cloud storage to store digital images through Amazon Photos (opens in new tab). It’s true; you’re reading it right. Unlimited storage with high resolution. Additionally, you get 5GB of storage to store video. (Non-members receive 5GB of photo and video storage).

Profit from Amazon Prime student

A photo of college students with laptops and tablets
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you’re a college student, Amazon Prime Student is vital. It’s not only that you’ll get a trial period of 6 months at no cost, and you’ll be paying half the price of a regular Prime subscription. The cost for students is $59 per year, which is $6.49/month to sign up. Students also get special deals, such as discounted textbook rental of music and textbooks Unlimited for only $0.99/month (instead of $7.99/month per month for Prime subscribers who have regular customers) and a no-cost 2-month trial of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited test (instead of just one month of practice).

Always shop using Camelizer.

A chart showing the price of the iPad Air at Amazon
(Image credit: Camelizer)

It’s not all sales you discover on Amazon that can save you money. To find out the truth about the product, I utilize CamelCamelCamel (opens the website in a new tab), A website that provides the price history for most products available through Amazon. Just copy the Amazon URL to CamelCamelCamel; the site will provide information about the item’s price history and availability on Amazon. I prefer the extension for their web browser called the Camelizer (which opens in an entirely new tab) that lets you access price charts right from your browser. Remember that Amazon cannot keep all the items Amazon sells, and price history might not be 100 percent accurate; however, it’s an incredible tool that all Amazon customers must have access to.

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Get the most value from your Prime membership that is completely free.

There are numerous advantages to having Prime membership. However, I realize that not everyone can spend $139 annually to join. But, there are a few tricks to cut down your membership cost. One of the simplest is to sign up for Amazon’s 30-day trial (which opens in the new window). (This trial is available only to customers who aren’t Prime members or weren’t Prime members in the previous year). It is also possible to share a Prime membership with a friend. This person should be someone you trust since you’ll need to share your wallets to enjoy the benefits of Prime. (You can choose your preferred preferences for your family’s membership on Amazon’s website (opens on the New page)). Also, you can pay for your membership every month. It’ll cost you $14.99/month for a higher price than one year of membership. However, you can begin the membership in times that will likely bring many shopping trips, such as Black Friday season or during Prime Day deals season. If there are months when you don’t require Prime membership, you’ll have the option to opt-out.

shopping Amazon Warehouse if you’re okay with second-hand products

One of the best ways to lower the expense of buying electronics is by purchasing used devices. It’s not my style to advocate used electronics, but Amazon Warehouse (opens in a new tab) does an excellent job of making brand new devices look new. One of the first things they accomplish is to be proficient in describing what’s wrong with the item. Descriptions can vary and range from “used – like new” to “used-acceptable. ” But, it is essential to ensure that you read the product’s description to ensure that warranty information is clear and that the product is sold by Amazon Warehouse (or a third company you trust).

Look over these coupons, which have hidden bargains.

Amazon Coupon page
(Image credit: Amazon )

When I buy household goods, The first website I go to is my Amazon coupon dashboard. I’ve found that I often see coupons for items I typically purchase, such as Tide Pods, deodorant, household cleaning products, and cough/flu medications. This section of coupons has a whole page for food items and offers discounts on products like PopCorners (they’re my latest love), Quaker Granola bars, and protein powders.

Dispose of your outdated devices and gain Amazon credits

Amazon Trade In homepage
(Image credit: Amazon )

I currently own a 3rd-gen Amazon Echo and 3rd-gen Echo Dot. If Amazon launches its 5th-gen Echo devices later this year, I’m eager to sell my older intelligent speakers to receive discounts on the latest Echo devices. Anyone can do this via Amazon’s Amazon Trade-in Store (which opens in a new window). The buyer will be rewarded with Amazon credit for the device you’re selling and an additional 20-25 percent off on specific Amazon gadgets. When you’re seeking to cut costs and make the trade-in while looking to see if you can find the Amazon device you’re searching for is for auction. (Amazon device sales happen frequently enough that you’ll have to wait at minimum one week before you can see the product you’re interested in being offered for sale). Other than Amazon devices, it’s possible to trade Bluetooth devices, headsets, or gaming equipment.

Go with more minor popular colors/configurations for the most significant discount.

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It’s not every person who desires the Rose Gold-hued iPad Air. Therefore, Amazon frequently offers discounts on devices that aren’t as popular. So, while you could purchase an iPad Air in Space Gray, Space Gray iPad Air may be sold at a premium price, and the Rose-colored tablet might be discounted by 50 percent. I come across this often when I look for deals on Amazon. Also, the most expensive models (e.g., the 1TB version) might receive better discounts than standard models. It’s not just limited to gadgets for technology, but numerous items are available in different shades, such as blankets, coffee machine mixers and blankets, and more. The main point is there are various options to shop on Amazon. Amazon offers are cut from the same fabric. Therefore, examining all device configurations is essential until you find the lowest price.

Sign up for Prime membership to avoid price hikes

Amazon Prime end membership
(Image credit: Amazon)

The cost of An Amazon Prime membership increased at the start of this calendar year. Amazon raised the price of its Prime subscription from $119 to $139 per year. Monthly subscriptions have been increased to $12.99 and as high as $14.99. These price hikes apply to new subscribers. But, if future price increases occur, you may be able to avoid the increase in price by gifting yourself the option of an Amazon Prime membership (which opens in an entirely separate tab). After that, you’ll have to end your Prime membership the day before expiration manually. (This will also stop auto-renewal). Then you’ll be able to utilize your “gifted” membership to enjoy Prime for a second calendar year for the same rate.

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